Important! All sales from 04/19/2021 until 04/25/2021 will be donated to this family. Need donation? Check the FAQ section


Here you can find some Frequently asked questions

Need help?

Every week from 04/19/2020 until 05/19/2020 I will use this page to help someone in need, which means, all the pixels sold during this period will be donated to a selected family

If you or your relative need help with medical expenses or something similar, please send your story including documentation (medical bill or something similar) to

I won't share any of the documents except a link to the campaign, story, or webpage you provide.

I will prefer a campaign that helps children!

The amount will be sent once campaign finishes and TXID will be provided on this page and announced every Sunday during that period.

During this period all the pixels will be discounted by 50%

The minimum order is one block (10x10 px) which is 100 XRP.
There is no maximum amount of pixels you can buy

If you send less, simply send difference in next transaction to the same destination tag. We will sum all your transactions.
If you send more, I will return the difference within 24 hours.

No personal data is required to make a purchase.

20% of funds collected will go to charity (kids and animals)
The majority of funds collected will go to buy an apartment.
Once the last pixel is sold I will organize the raffle for all who participated. One pixel will be randomly selected and the winner will get 100,000.00 XRP (onehundredthousand)

Simply because I can :)

No. I can't send XRP to everyone. But feel free to create your own "Million something website"

Yes. You can send mail to info <at> this domain
I will try to answer as many emails as I can